About us 


Our organisation was founded in October 2014 under the name "ORANG-ORANG Organisation for Human" in London. "ORANG-ORANG" is used in Asia for the word "HUMAN", as well as "Orang-Utans" for apes. 


Between 2014 and mid-2017, two projects were implemented in South Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia).

Project: Supporting state authorities in combatting human rights violations and corruption, as well as a project to set up a vocational training system that complies with European standards for trade and craft. 

At the end of 2015, the organisation's name was changed to "PRO Human Rights Organisation CLG" and from mid-2017, the activities of the organisation focussed on Europe. 

With the relocation of the headquarters to Edinburgh, Scotland in October 2016, the foundation stone of the organisation's European headquarters was laid with the re-establishment of the "SOCHAIR Organisation (Europe)" as a "Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption". The London office was transformed into the National Section for the United Kingdom and has since been renamed "SOCHAIR Organisation National Section UK". 

European headquarters Edinburgh (Scotland)


The name "SOCHAIR" is derived from the Scottish Gaelic name for the German word "WOHLFAHRT" (welfare). In our organisation, the name "SOCHAIR" was derived from the German word "SO" as in "SOZIAL" (SOCIAL or CARING) and the English word "CHAIR" from the German word "STUHL". Thus, "SOCIAL CHAIR". 

Office Wangerland (Germany)

The German section was founded on 17th June 2017 under the name "SOCHAIR Organisation (Germany) e.V." and on 17th June 2019, its name was changed to "SOCHAIR Organisation National Section D/A/CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) e.V." with a legally valid change of entry at the district court of Oldenburg (Oldb.). 

The German section received its non-profit status through the exemption notice of 19th July 2017 from the responsible tax office in Wilhelmshaven. 

On 29th January 2019, our organisation's new finance and legal department called "SOCHAIR Organisation (European Council) e.V." was founded in Bonn (Germany). It also has the additional task of acting as a European arbitration board for human rights issues at the relevant European institutions and authorities. 

 Administration Office Bonn (Germany)

Since August 1, 2019, further offices and national sections have been established in Europe.

"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BENELUX" in Groningen (Netherlands)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section NORDICS” in Copenhagen (Denmark)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section D / A / CH - Office Carouge / Geneva” in Switzerland
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section D / A / CH - Office Salzburg (Menschenrechtsorganisation)" in Austria
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section IRELAND" in Cork (Ireland)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section IBERIA” in Barcelona (Spain)
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BALTIC in Vilnius (Lithuania)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section ITALY” in Bologna (Italy)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section FRANCE” in Schiltingheim / Staßburg (France) 
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section VISEGRÁD" in Prague (Czech Republic)
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BALKAN" in Ljubljana (Slovenia)