In October 2014, the organization was founded as "ORANG-ORANG Organization for Human" in London.

Its activities to combat human rights violations have intensified in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia).

Tasks include advising and assisting with human rights
injuries and their victims.

Projects such as the establishment of a European vocational training system for trade and crafts in Southeast Asia and support for immigrants with the support of local authorities in 2014 - 2016.

At the end of 2015, the organization name was changed to "PRO Human Rights Organization CLG".

In October 2016, the new European Headquarters was established in Edinburgh (Scotland) - "SOCHAIR Organization (Europe)" and the London office was restricted as "SOCHAIR Organization (United Kingdom)" for the UK.

European headquarters Edinburgh (Scotland)

Office Wangerland (Germany)

On 17 July 2017 the "SOCHAIR Organization (Deutschland) e.V." founded.

It is a non-profit body of private law in accordance with the communication pursuant to Article 60a paragraph 1 of the Tax Code of the tax office Wilhelmshaven of 19 July 2017. It represents the tasks of the organization in the Federal Republic of Germany.

On 29 January 2019, our new financial and legal administration with the name "SOCHAIR Organization (European Council)" was founded in Bonn. She will assume the central role in finance and legal affairs throughout the organization.

 Administration Office Bann (Germany)

On April 13, 2019, the restructuring of our organization began to create separate departments in the countries. For this reason our UK section has been renamed from "SOCHAIR Organization (United Kingdom)" to "SOCHAIR Organization National Section UK".

By resolution of the General Assembly on July 17, 2019, our German section was also renamed
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section D / A / CH" - Office Wangerland.

Since August 1, 2019, further offices and national sections have been established in Europe.

"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BENELUX" in Groningen (Netherlands)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section NORDICS” in Copenhagen (Denmark)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section D / A / CH - Office Carouge / Geneva” in Switzerland
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section D / A / CH - Office Salzburg (Menschenrechtsorganisation)" in Austria
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section IRELAND" in Cork (Ireland)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section IBERIA” in Barcelona (Spain)
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BALTIC in Vilnius (Lithuania)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section ITALY” in Bologna (Italy)
“SOCHAIR Organization National Section FRANCE” in Schiltingheim / Staßburg (France) 
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section VISEGRÁD" in Prague (Czech Republic)
"SOCHAIR Organization National Section BALKAN" in Ljubljana (Slovenia)


 HUMAN RIGHTS - Absolute prohibition of torture

The ban on torture and cruel human treatment is absolutely valid. This means that the prohibition of torture is taken away from any consideration with competing interests, and the state can not deviate from it even in crisis situations.

Therefore, the considerations which lead to a relativization of the prohibition of torture are not acceptable from a humanistic point of view.

The reason for the absolute nature of the prohibition lies in the fact that torture in any case means a disregard for the intangible human dignity.


  •  Justice Victim Assistance
  •  Protection against discrimination
  •  Crime through torture
  •  Rights of women
  •  Rights of persons with disabilities
  •  Rights of the children
  •  Migration / Integration
  •  human trafficking


  •  Combating corruption in the authorities and the judiciary
  •  Fight against corruption in the economy
  •  Fight against corruption at the state level

ANTI-KORRUPTION - fighting corruption

Not only in Africa or South America is corruption   commonplace in business and economics

In the authorities, but also in Asia and Europe, corruption  is increasingly coming to light. Italy and Greece is a good   example of the fact that corruption has come a long time  ago in Europe.

INTEGRATION - Advice, Education and Qualification

In this department, counseling, education and qualification offers for migrants, migrants,Refugees, people from socially disadvantaged and disabled, unemployed people over 50 years, as well as the retraining help for integration helpers offered through a partner.


  • consultations
  • vocational reintegration assistance for unemployed people aged 50+




We help justice victims after being released from prison!


  • Short-term procurement of accommodation or apartment
  • Help in finding a new job
  • Assistance in the assertion of all legal claims such. Remuneration, application for unemployment benefit I. or II., Entitlement to supplementary pension for the period of imprisonment
  • Assistance in regulating the debts incurred, such as separate application for deferment in the courts, settlement of a personal bankruptcy
  • Data in the certificate of good conduct, as well as in all other official systems.



  • Emergency aid after release from prison, such as at the time of release, a payment of a separate bridging allowance of € 3,500, regardless of the saved money during the term of imprisonment.
  • Procurement of an equivalent new job by the state
  • Remuneration payment, regulation of pension rights for the detention period within 6 weeks after release
  • Immediate cancellation of the arrest and complaint data in the certificate of good conduct and in all other official systems by the state
  • at least 250 euros per day, as well as ensuring the protection against execution as in the Republic of Austria.