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SOCHAIR Organization 
National Section BALTIC

Büro Vilnius (Litauen)

The organisation's duties of probationary services and assistance for victims of the judicial system focus on the 


Main tasks of the National Section:

  1. Contribution to implementing human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by lending assistance

  2. Help to those persecuted politically, racially or religiously as well as refugeesChild raising, national education, job training
  3. International mindset, tolerance in all areas of culture and the notion of understanding among nations
  4. The promotion of care for prisoners and former prisoners 


We help people after they have been released from custody if they have been released without charge:

  • Short-term procurement of accommodation or a flat
  • Help with finding a new job
  • Training and further training measures to make returning to work easier
  • Support in the enforcement of all legal claims, such as wages, entitlement to an additional pension for the duration of custody
  • Other matters 


SOCHAIR Organization National Section BALTIC
44A Gedimino avenue | 01110 Vilnius | Litauen
Telefon: +370 (0) 5 2141 127