Headoffice UK in Ipswich (England)


SOCHAIR Organization National Section UK

The focus of your organization is on probation and judicial assistance in the United Kingdom.

We help people after release from remand when they are released without charge:

  • Short-term procurement of accommodation or apartment
  • Help finding a new job
  • Education and training to improve the return to work
  • Assistance in carrying out the assertion of all legal claims, such as remuneration, entitlement to supplementary pension for the duration of pre-trial detention
  • and so on


NEW free emergency number

0800 112 3000

Since 19. September 2019, we have a new 24/7 free emergency number  for those in the UK.

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When shopping - donations!

From now on you can buy a donation online from Amazon for free.

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Projekt "GRÈIM UK"

Vocational and further training measures as well as practical work

In our new project, after release from detention for better job recovery, we offer immediate action with training and hands-on work in a locally based company. The training measures are free for those affected. The practical work of a locally based company will be remunerated according to the appropriate tariff. Thus, with the immediate measure, the transition from release from custody to work can go smoothly without losing time and money.

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