Get involved


You can become a member of our registered, non-profit organisation and actively get involved in our work. As a member of our organisation, you have the right to participate in deciding which projects are implemented.

Take advantage of the opportunity to become a member. Because, with your help, we can ensure that people seeking assistance who have become victims of the probation or justice system receive rapid and appropriate help. - Anyone can get into a situation like this.

Support us now by becoming a member.


We are looking for volunteers to support us in our day-to-day work, such as office work, information stands and assisting people looking for help.

Support as a partner

Is your company active in the field of real estate, property management or printing, or as a taxi service? Or are you a trader in one of these areas? Does your company offer other services that are valuable to us and those seeking assistance?

Support us with your service as our partner.


Are you a lawyer in the field of human rights, integration and asylum law or criminal law and labour law and would be willing to support us with your expertise for people seeking help from us?

Your support can make all the difference.