Human rights

- Absolute ban on torture

The ban on torture and cruel treatment of other human beings is absolutely universal. This means that the ban on torture cannot be yielded to competing interests and the state cannot ignore it - even in crisis situations.

As such, any considerations that attempt to put the ban on torture in a relative light are not acceptable from a humanist point of view.

The reason for the absolute nature of the ban lies in the fact that torture is, at the base level, a disregard for immaterial human dignity.

Our area of operation

  • Help for victims of justice
  • Protection from discrimination
  • Torture crimes
  • Women's rights
  • Rights of people with disabilities
  • Children's rights
  • Migration / integration
  • Human trafficking


- Combatting corruption

Corruption isn't just widespread in business and society in Africa or South America.

Corruption is becoming more and more evident in the public authorities there, but also in Asia and Europe as well. Italy and Greece are good examples of the fact that corruption has existed in Europe for a long time.


- Advice, training and qualifications

This department provides counselling, education and qualification services for migrants, refugees, the socially disadvantaged and people with disabilities, and unemployed persons over the age of 50, as well as retraining support for integration assistants, which is offered through a partner

Our area of operation

  • Consultations
  • Vocational reintegration assistance for unemployed persons aged 50+